Shae’s Road To Success

Hey guys. I want to give a huge shout out to Danny Sculls.

Before I came into his program, I was really struggling with having that one-on-one support.

I was getting ghosted and being led the wrong way. I wasn’t passionate about where I was being led.

So I started looking elsewhere and I first found Danny

online in one of the groups.

I reached out from there, and I hopped on a call with him, he immediately checked off everything that I needed to get my business running, he has the experience and a social proof and he is doing everything that I wanted to do In my business, I felt like those were really key components when looking for a mentor.

Since I joined his program in a month and a half, I got my first High ticket commission and nine days later after that I got my second .

I made $3K in nine days. That was like, holy crap to me because I didn’t really think that I was even gonna get results that soon.

See I was willing to build it and hope for results, but he helped me in my mindset and my limiting beliefs. He has truly helped me build the business of my dreams.

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